MD Message



          The pleasant trees is not only a hotel cum resort but also an emotion whose prime objective is to treat people as family. It is not only a hotel but it is a second home for everyone. The name pleasant denotes the pleasantness in its every filed whether it is food, rooms and ambiance of restaurant, everything is made with miner detailing. All the possible parameters to run the hotel are taken into consideration. Not only the system, but focus is also given to make the  stay of the guest memorable.

People come and go, but memories last forever.   

New era of hotel industry is born in the name of the pleasant trees.

 Era of European and American standards of running the hotel is now over. The new era of running the hotel in Indian standards is now started.

To establish it as Indian brand is our dream. To run it as second home of the guest is our goal.

To flourish it as Indian hotel is vision of all Indians.

Our efforts will be made to boost the tourism sector of India through better hospitality so that more and more Indians can gain the market share in the list of best hotels in the world.   

So by taking this reality into consideration, We have step into the industry to establish The pleasant trees as leading brand in India. The support of the Indians is only solution that can make this child a master. The pleasant trees does not count itself in any star category. European standards of star category cannot differentiate that hotel has star or not. Star cannot justify the hotel worth. But hotel is justified by its service standard and food quality.  So here we at the pleasant trees is ensuring that every guest is served well. Because everyone wants to feel like a king. So we are trying our best to feel our guest as king. The pleasant trees is an ultimate guide for destination wedding in Dehradun which will create unforgettable memories with its stunning view of river and mountains. Perfect honeymoon gateway for romance and love. Its credibility is justified by its luxury rooms, amenities and strong guest attention policy. Our commitment to boost Uttarakhand tourism will be justified with strong hospitality service to the guest. The bond between the guest and the pleasant trees will prosper with time. 

This is a dream of The pleasant trees and dream for India.

Our commitments for better hospitality and our efforts for better hotel will win the hearts of everyone in Indian manner.

Thank you